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Montego Beach Club, Myrtle Beach SC

Country Club Villas, Garden City SC

Lake Shore Motel, Little River SC

Grande Villas, Myrtle Beach

Wave Rider Resort, Garden City

Nautical Watch - Windy Hill- NMB SC

Ocean Forest Colony, Myrtle Beach

Resorts listed here had their wifi installed or upgraded by our new system.

Other Wifi Clients

Fitness Center - Little River SC

For You Inc, Loris SC

PepperTree by the Sea, North Myrtle Beach SC

Schooner Beach and Racquet, Myrtle Beach, SC

Wifi and Security Clients

Vancouver Motel, 26th Ave S, Myrtle Beach SC

Hardee Farms, Loris SC

Worley Farms, Little River SC

Windy Shores II

Wifi with no monthly fees. Call for a quote.